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As a leading manufacturer of GPS tracker from China, Shenzhen Google GPS  focus on providing quality, friendly and price competitive and solutions for safety application.

With slogan of “Every Step in Tracking”,  is a well-known brand of originated from

As a leading manufacturer of GPS tracker from China, Shenzhen Electronics Co., Ltd  focus on providing quality, friendly and price competitive  and solutions for safety application.

With slogan of “Every Step in Tracking”, is a well-known brand of originated from Google GPS.

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Google GPS Links Real Time GPS Trackers – A real time GPS tracker is much the same as a GPS logger or passive tracking device. The difference is that you can find out the exact location that the tracker is right now in real time and also see all of the historic tracking information. Most real time GPS trackers provide this information through the use of website based software accessed via the internet. There are also Gps trackers that will text message info to your cell phone. Most of the time when text messaging is used all you get is the coordinates that can be used in conjunction with Google Earth. So, essentially you will still need to use a computer to see the location.

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I GPS Google  have been doing a lot of exploring and surveying in the desert recently, and have been trying to find the right GPS mapping solution. The solution I found incorporated stuff I already had (laptop and GPS) with the help of some excellent, nearly free software. The best part is that it works even better than the $900 in-car GPS solutions as it uses always up-to-date satellite data, and is easily sharable.

The application is also completely free. So all those paid navigation apps (Navigon, TomTom , CoPilot, MapQuest, GoKivo  and Sygic Mobile) are at an immediate disadvantage. But even if Google charged for this app, it would still win hands down. The features include easy search (no need for address), voice search, traffic information (from data sources and crowd sourced from app), and street view close up pictures when you get near your destination. And the car dock mode gives bigger, simpler icons and auto-voice mode (see video):

What you need… (my set up is listed below). To get started you need a computer that can run Google Earth and you need a GPS. If you want this setup to be mobile, it’s of course best to use a laptop, and if you plan on using it as a primary navigation solution, I would suggest a tablet PC or UMPC with a daylight-readable screen. I use a hand-me-down Fujitsu Stylistic 5000 tablet PC that I keep in a “ruggedized,” water-resistant case with drop protection by Otterbox. Tablet PCs and UMPCs are great for in car use as they have daylight readable screens, and their touch screen interface and form factor are easier to use in a vehicle. GPS Google  case for a very rugged combo.

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Show Google GPS your physical position in real-time on a moving Google Map. A small application on your pc uploads your GPS position periodically over either GPRS or 3G, which updates your position on a moving Google Map.

Basically you run Google Earth and use some great donation-ware to link it in real time to a GPS. This means that your mapping software and maps worldwide are not only free, but you also get hi-res satellite views and in some cases 3D buildings (in downtown areas). Only a year or so ago this would have cost tens of thousands of dollars in proprietary GPS mapping gear; it would be difficult to share it once done; each map and satellite Google GPS shot would cost extra; and it would have been an ordeal to get it all loaded up and working properly for each area you wanted to go.